January 2015 recovery status

Happy new year!

I’ve been walking without crutches since November, trying to keep my foot straight and walk without a limp. My physio exercises have been focused on strength, extending the range of movement and removing the bad habit of twisting my right foot out to make walking easier. Walking down stairs is my biggest bug-bare where i cannot lower myself sufficiently using my right ankle to be able to reach the step below. I can see small improvements to the range of ankle movement, but it just takes time. Over Christmas, I’ve been slowly walking around Edinburgh, London, York which leaves me aching, but not in pain – i’ve been told this is very good!

22-01-2015 Consultant review

22-01-2015 x-ray of right leg from frontI had a review with the consultant on the 22-01-2015 with some x-rays. The healing is going well, though i have managed to break the plate that was intended to hold my fibula in place. The consultant was not concerned and there appeared to be good bone growth.

22-01-2015 x-ray of right leg from right hand sideThe outcomeof the meeting with the consultant is that i’ll go back in 3 months to see how things are progressing. This means my trip won’t resume until the summer.

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