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Etosha National Park, Namibia

Posted 11 February 2014  /   By Steve Armitage  /  0 Comments

Etosha National Park, Namibia February 2014 The Etosha National Park is my first safari park experience outside a zoo or Whipsnade Safari Park, so i was not sure what kind of experience to expect. Hearing horror stories about crowds of vehicles corralling around any animal foolish enough to lay out in the open, i was …

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Visas and documentation

Border guard

Posted 28 October 2013  /   By Steve Armitage  /  1 Comment

Visas Details of the visas required for my trip. The following applies to a British citizen with a vehicle – same requirements for a 4×4 or motorcycle unless stated. – updated 10-Feb-2014 Summary Visas: 16 (West Africa) Total cost: ?1117.90 (approx.) Details Angola visa (Nov ’13) Type:?1 month entry, valid for 3 months Cost:?$160 USD …

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Morocco: Riding

Family travelling on a moped in Rabat, Morocco

Posted 17 October 2013  /   By Steve Armitage  /  1 Comment

You hear lots of horror stories about driving in Africa – contending with cars, mopeds, cycles and animals.?Riding down through France and then Spain, the driving changes from the rule abiding North European to the more free spirited Mediterranean style. The further south in Spain we went, the more relaxed the locals were to following …

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GPS track: Africa

Map of Afrtica

Posted   /   By Steve Armitage  /  0 Comments

This map contains the GPS track of my ride through Africa, as recorded on my Garmin Montana. Updated 3rd February 2014.

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Choosing a wordpress theme for a RTW motorcycle blog

Posted 12 September 2013  /   By Steve Armitage  /  0 Comments

I spend some time looking at blogging options that i could use on my trip. I was looking for something that: i could show a breadcrumb trail?of where i’d visited, the ability to upload photo’s of these places be able to add some text It was a simple process to install WordPress and also configure …

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The route

Which way to go?

Posted 3 September 2013  /   By Steve Armitage  /  0 Comments

As part of my malaria planning, i needed to come up with a route for my trip. This would be a’vision’ which would be adapted as i go along. After reading Chris Scott’s Adventure Motorcycling Handbook and Robert Wicks The World’s Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes for inspiration, i drew the following route as a starting …

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Why blog?

Posted   /   By Steve Armitage  /  0 Comments

Blogging I am certainly no Shakespeare, my GCSE English results made that clear many years ago. Throughout this site, you will experience a liberal scattering of misspelling, bad grammar and poor punctuation. Where possible, i hope that WordPress picks this up and helps me to correct. My philosophy has become, I’d rather communicate adequately, than …

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In the beginning…

Good bye IBM

Posted 2 September 2013  /   By Steve Armitage  /  0 Comments

Wow. It’s going to happen! For years i have been dreaming of my own round the world (RTW) adventure. This year (2013) it’s going to start. In May 2013, i applied for a voluntary redundancy package from IBM. With some help from my people manager (thanks Paula!), i was offered a package that would allow …

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Vaccinations and medication

Route plan for anti-malaria drugs

Posted   /   By Steve Armitage  /  0 Comments

Vaccinations It was a fraught appointment (it wasn’t a good idea being the call handler for?Devon Freewheelers?in a location where mobiles need to be turned off) at my local doctors surgery:?Haldon House, Exmouth. During my consultation with the practice?nurse, and while she merrily distracted me while injecting vaccines for hep-A, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria & polio …

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Preparing to travel

Steve's August 2013 accommodation

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  At the end of July 2013, i let the lease expire on a lovely rented flat in Exmouth, UK. From then until the day before i left home, i stayed in my 2-berth caravan at the end of my parents driveway. This worked out well, as i had access to tools and my stuff, …

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