Mtunzini, South Africa

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Martin and Joyce Ortmann's residence
Mtunzini, South Africa
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Remy took Carmen and myself for a drive to a local butchery which sells the best Matt worst, something that Martin (Remy’s brother) is particularly fond of. We also got some dry worst and biltong – yummy… Back at Wartburg, we chewed the cud and Remy spoke passionately about the German Lutheran Church his family are active members of. Remy had geven me a route avoiding the N3 & Durban which would take me through some lovely countryside. Most of the farming in this area is sugarcane, which they let grow to about 3ft, then burn off the leaves, then hand cut the cane from the roots before loading into a truck and taking to a factory for processing.

  • Three wheeled grabber to pick sugarcane in KZN, South Africa

Posted: 29 April 2014

Author: Steve Armitage

Category: Africa

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