George, South Africa

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Coloroso Cafe
George, South Africa
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After having some problems with my chain which sounded like chain slap, i went to see my friend and fellow adventure traveller Jolandie (Jo) Rust. While helping her put Dax back together, i thought about the problem and discovered that the front sprocket was almost round. Heading to a local mechanic, they quoted 3k ZAR and got a quote of over 4k ZAR from BMW. No surprises which quote i went for. While waiting for the new parts to arrive, Jo showed me some beautiful scenery.

  • The front sprocket on my BMW F800GSA after 23k miles. It's a little worn...
  • Dax and Foo-Foo outside McNasty's Bar and Grill
  • One of the trails in Knysna Forrest, South Africa
  • Jolandie Rust took me along some stunning trails in Knysna Forrest, South Africa
  • Waiting with Jo Rust to join a sunday ride out by George Airport, South Africa
  • Beautiful gorges to the north west of George, South Africa
  • The sunday morning ride crew, stopping for a beer break
  • Jolandie Rust enjoying a paddle near George, South Africa
  • Sunday ride group cooling off waiting for the brai near George, South Africa
  • The new and old front sprocket for my BMW F800GSA after 23k miles
  • The new and old rear sprocket for my BMW F800GSA after 23k miles

Posted: 23 April 2014

Author: Steve Armitage

Category: Africa

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