Ebolowa, Cameroon

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Hotel Beth
Ebolowa, Cameroon
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After a subdued Christmas in the most run-down hotel, we headed south for Gabon….

From my journal:
“Leaving the Hilton Hotel in Yaounde, we followed the road and went straight through the next roundabout. The police stopped us and asked what we were doing. Despite no signs to indicate this (just a ‘clearway’ sign in the middle), the section of road through the middle of this roundabout is for the exclusive use of the president. We argued that if there are arrows on the road, direction signposts and no barriers blocking the road, they can’t expect people unfamiliar with their local regulations to comply with them. The police were a little unhappy and said we needed to get to the outside of the roundabout and go into their police station – fortunately, they stopped the 4 lanes of traffic so it was easy. Pulling into the market area, up a full curb, we parked in front of the police station and went inside. Happily for us, the chief saw sense, glanced at our passports and sent us on our way.”


Posted: 4 January 2014

Author: Steve Armitage

Category: Africa

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