Bafoussam, Cameroon

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Motel Grand Siecle
Bafoussam, Camreoon
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The roads in Cameroon were amazing. Other initial impressions compared to other west African countries were how little litter there was and the care people put into presenting their property.

From my journal:
“The route was amazing – lots of twists up and down the mountainous scenery with the amazing backdrop of the rain forrest. It was also much cooler today – mostly around 25C, compared to the 30C we’ve been used to. The road through Bamenda takes you through the hart of the town, along busy markets, the bus station and taxi stands. All these things contribute to slowing down the traffic and causing the impatient riders and drivers to gridlock the roads. Beating our way out of Bamenda, the road continued to undulate through the hills, though the road surface deteriorated significantly, so we were on the constant look out for deep potholes – though most transpired to be filled in. A number of cars and lorries overtook us on the down-hill sections, only to be overtaken on the next up-hill stretch. I was keen to overtake most of the cars, minibuses and lorries, as the acrid smoke they belch must be ageing my lungs well beyond that of chain smoking.”


Posted: 25 December 2013

Author: Steve Armitage

Category: Africa

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