More about Steve Armitage

While not working, i have enjoyed the following:

Scuba diving

steve the diverMy main hobby over the last 20 years has been scuba diving. Learning to dive the British Sub-Aqua Club?(BSAC) way?with the?University of Hertfordshire Sub-Aqua Club?in 1994,?continuing training with Scuba Schools International (SSI)?while i was living in?the USA near Reston, Virginia and finally completing my BSAC Sports Diver training with Oxford University Underwater Exploration Group (OUUEG) in 1997. Since then, i have completed the?BSAC Advanced Diver and Advanced Instructor courses, spending 15 years training the next generation of OUUEG divers. More recently, i have completed the TDI Trimix course with Mark Powell and IANTD Nitrox closed circuit rebreather (CCR)?course on the AP-Diving Inspiration Vision with Kieran Hatton.


While working for IBM, i had the opportunity to learn to sail dinghy’s at the Queen Mary?Sailing Club. IBM had their own vessels, which i could use when they were available. I completed my RYA level 2 dinghy sailing course and participated in the Saturday club using IBM’s Topper Xenon dinghy’s. I need to build up more experience to be confident in sailing in all conditions, but there is time…


Steve the photographerI am an amateur photographer who is still working out what my style is. I enjoy taking portrait and wild life photography. During my current trip, i am able to work on both of these aspects of photography, as well as work on the kind of images that help tell the story of my trip. Please take a look at my photos from the my around the world motorcycle trip and previous occasions, posted on Flickr.


In 2010, while living in Wootton, near Oxford i found that the local youth club that?had shutdown while the local community center was being redeveloped was reforming. I went along to find out what was planned and came away as the treasurer of Wootton and Dry-Sandford Youth Club Group. I supported the group until 2012 when i moved from Wootton.

steve with DFWIn 2012, after delaying for a couple of years, i joined SERV-OBN, a group of bikers who offered an out of hours service to the NHS delivering blood to local hospitals and clinics. When i moved to Exmouth in November 2012, I transferred to Devon Freewheelers who provided a similar service across Devon.