November 2014 status update

For a week i have been walking without crutches, where previously i was using them for longer short walks. Like an old codger i have to take it gently, but even in the week, i can feel a lot of improvement with my speed and stamina.

I’m no longer using the Anti-Gravity treadmill. My physiotherapy regime is focused on: 1) building strength in my ankle and 2) turning my foot back in after slowly shifting out to ease walking while i have poor articulation in my right ankle. My current physio homework focuses on: Standing on a cushion or wobbly surface; Getting onto my tiptoes with one foot – i can currently do this with ~30% body weight; Balancing on one leg with my eyes closed – not happening for more than 2 seconds currently; Doing what i assume looks like something from the “Ministry of Funny Walks” to help realign my foot so i walk proprly. As well as swimming, this week will include some cycling for the first time. I’m not looking forward to the hills around Torquay – it is all hills around Torquay!

Take care out there & safe travels.

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