Why blog?


I am certainly no Shakespeare, my GCSE English results made that clear many years ago. Throughout this site, you will experience a liberal scattering of misspelling, bad grammar and poor punctuation. Where possible, i hope that WordPress picks this up and helps me to correct. My philosophy has become, I?d rather communicate adequately, than not communicate at all.

Why blog?

I first kept a travel journal during a 2 month tour of India during 1998/1999 with by best man, Avi. As well as the usual details of the day-to-day activities, the journal included a whisky receipt from an expensive bar in Bombay, money held together by being kept in a plastic bag and written descriptions of the sights, sounds and smells we encountered. It?s been a source of enjoyment to refer to, awakening memories of the fun experiences we had.

I did not do many ?adventurous? trips in the 00?s, so did not continue with the journal idea.

In 2009, i brought a new BMW F800GS with plans of travelling around Europe, and then the world! In 2009 when i toured the?Alps and Dolomites, i ended up with a photo journal, sharing images and descriptions during my trip. When i visiting to Poland in 2011, i went back to writing a journal, which i complimented with some photo?s to create a blog. The outcome was 13 blog posts on UKGSer:?Steve?s invasion of Poland, which received over 2,800 views.

In 2013, i?m hoping to whip?armitage.ws?into shape, so that i can blog while on the road. It will act as a record for me and a way for friends and family to enjoy the journey with me. Enjoy the ride!


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