Preparing to travel

When departing on a multi-year trip, there are many things that you need to sort out

Temporary home before leavingAccomodation: At the end of July 2013, i let the lease expire on a lovely rented flat in Exmouth, UK. From then until the day before i left, i stayed in my 2-berth caravan at the end of my parents driveway. This worked out well, as i had access to tools and my stuff, but also my own sanctuary.

My storage shed: Built, glazed and ready for lining before storing my stuff.Storage:?Though most of the?household items?went to Lisa, i still had some things i couldn’t bear to get rid of. My parents kindly let me build a shed in their garden that i could use for storage.

Finance: I gave my dad access to my bank accounts to allow him to pay for my carnet and other things while i was away

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