Choosing a WordPress theme for a motorcycle travel blog

I spend some time looking at blogging options that i could use on my trip. I was looking for something that:

  • i could show a breadcrumb trail?of where i?d visited,
  • the ability to upload photo?s of these places
  • be able to add some text

It was a simple process to install?WordPress?and also configure it so it worked how i would like.

I found it difficult to come across anything that showed the breadcrumb trail?- so looked at themes or widgets that would allow me to import my GPS tracks ? which would surmount to a lot of points for a RTW trip and in some cases too much detail ? i don?t want to show friends house locations.

A lot of the travellers blog themes appear to be focused on businesses or ?experts?, providing a facility to rate things. I didn?t need that. Eventually, i came across a theme called?The Navigator, created by?The Molitor. This appeared to fit my needs exactly.

I can:

  • Create a post which is associated with a map position. The theme comes with a way of using Google maps to provide you the coordinates required for the post.
  • Add posts that do not have a map location ? such as this post.
  • Show a trail of pins on a map

UPDATE (June 2014)

Using just the map theme was not good for a blog. I wanted to put a pin into everywhere i stayed, which meant i more or less had a pin per day. However, i did not have enough content or images to make this useful for other people, so i needed a regular blog that i could post images and content, along with the map to show places i’ve stayed. I am currently using the standard TwentyFourteen WordPress theme and a number of widgets to:

  • Display my GPX track
  • Display a Google map image with ‘where i am now’
  • Display a link to my Facebook page to attract more likes

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