In the beginning…

Wow. It?s going to happen!

For years i have been dreaming of my own round the world (RTW) adventure. This year (2013) it?s going to start. In May 2013, i applied for a voluntary redundancy package from IBM. With some help from my people manager (thanks Paula!), i was offered a package that would allow me to travel for a couple of years. In July 2013, I leave the security of full time employment, for a nomadic lifestyle.

Teasing myself

Over the last few years, i have been participating in forums, such as?Horizons Unlimited, and?UKGSer, both of a wealth of knowledge on looking after your vehicle, preparing to go and how to/not to travel round the world. Horizons Unlimited also introduced me to their?travellers meetings. These are great networking events with hands-on workshops, presentations about all aspects of motorcycle travel, including from riders who have recently completed their journey. At these meetings, i was lucky enough to meet some of the fathers and grandfathers of current adventure motorcycle travel, such as Ted Simon (Jupiters Travels), Austin Vince (Mondo Enduro) and Sam Manicom

Where to go?

Last year i brought?The Worlds Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes?to seed some ideas of places i could visit. There are wonderful descriptions and pictures of motorcyclists riding along the old trading routes that make up the?Silk Road, across Siberia along the?Road of Bones, through Malaysia and Indonesia, across Australia?and along the?Pan-American highway, from Tierra del Fuego in Chile to Alaska. This would make an amazing RTW trip.

Africa anyone?

While reading the?HUBB, i came across a thread:?Africa anyone??by?Paul Fallaize inviting anyone who wants to join his trip down the west coast and back up the east coast of Africa. Paul posted:

I?m pretty new to the whole bike travel thing and just gonna throw myself in at the deep end, so if anyone fancies doing the same??.

Well, that sounds pretty much like me, so i asked if he?d mind someone similarly incompatent to join, to which he said yes! I plan to meet up with Paul, Mark and Tony shortly to see if we?ll make good travelling companions.

Exciting times ahead?

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